The Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) has launched a session on the investment of the Gambling Commission. The session, on track to run until March 25, 2021, proposes an increase in the expenses of the Betting Commission based mainly on proposals. from the Gaming Commission to the Government. This is independent of the ongoing review of the Gambling Law. We welcome this DCMS session because you will discover many desired modifications to our charge earnings to allow us to retain to adjust effectively. We were shocked by the proposals to express their opinion We are already making the game more secure: we have strengthened the age and identification verification, delivered a strict new direction for the so-called VIP schemes and the ban on playing with cards. credit; However, in addition, sources suggest we are able to do further and faster development to make the game safer and more protective for customers within the years to eat. The Commission is a remarkably small regulator and Playing is a fast transfer company that should be regulated effectively.