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Video Poker
Video poker is the most popular online casino game. Therefore, you have to play video poker in order to make a big profit. Video poker is very fun and exciting to play. In addition, here are some tips so that your enjoyment while playing video poker can increase and you also don’t lose due to losses.
1. Use the Minimum Chips in the table
Why do we recommend bringing the least amount of chips with you? If you are a beginner it is very good for you, because if you bring chips, a lot of pro players will come to spend your chips. You better use a small capital to play casually and beat all players while following the tricks that we provide. But there is nothing wrong if you have a lot of capital, but remember to try to play at the table with just a few chips.
2. Seeing the Movement of the Opponent
Keeping an eye on your opponent’s movements is important because you will encounter many players in different ways when playing. There are players who get a high card at the beginning, immediately increase the bet of all their chips or it is called all-in. There is a player who tricks you into spending your chips a little bit because he knows that he has the highest card on the table. And there are many more players in different ways. Understand your opponent’s movements one by one, here’s an example.
If you meet an opponent who wins the first card and he immediately All in then you should close the card if you don’t have a pair card or one card A. This opponent’s way of playing is very easy to beat because with just one look at him checking we already know the card he was holding low. Then your chance to raise or bluff even if your card is bad because he will definitely fold.
3. Using the Bluffing Technique
Bluffing is bluffing your opponent even if your cards are small. This bluffing technique is very useful in video poker games. Because many video poker players are afraid of betting a lot, but we recommend taking the right timing when bluffing. Like this, for example, you hold cards 10 and Q and the third card that comes out on tables K 10 and 4. Then your opponent raises you must follow because he could be looking for a straight or holding a K card.
4. Switching positions
What we have experienced when playing the best online video poker is a lot. We’ve tried a trick on google where it says if the seat is good don’t switch tables. But the end of all the defeats we got. We try ourselves by changing positions when we win. But your winnings must be calculated, if you win 5 times in a row then we recommend moving to a higher betting table or you win 10 times even though not in a row it is also recommended to move tables.

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